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Amplicate Counts Your Opinion (And Several Hundred Million Others)

Amplicate is a social media analytics service that began collating opinions from social media in August 2009. We now track over 140m public opinions from over 65m social media users.

Amplicate is and always will be a place where you can get your opinion noticed and discover what other people are saying about anything under the sun on social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

But Amplicate is also a place where you can find more detailed data and analysis of consumer opinions in our social media analytics reports.

How Amplicate works

We use advanced sentiment analysis that we have developed over two years to tell you exactly what social media users think about products, companies, industries and just about anything else that people talk about on social media.

Our proprietary data can tell you...

  • Who loves or hates your company or industry
  • What consumers feel about your company or industry
  • When consumers comment on your company or industry
  • Where fans or haters of your company or industry are
  • Why consumers feel the way they do about your company or industry

CNN, Yahoo!, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent among others have already taken advantage of the insights our data and analysis can afford. Amplicate has been featured in TechCrunch and other major technology publications.

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