Do you know why Brad Pitt cant leave Angelina

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Do you know why Brad Pitt cant leave Angelina Jolie? Because Brad Pitt had a threesome with Angelina and her brother - James Haven.
Angelina blackmails Brad about this so he is so stucked. It was James Haven who pushed Angelina Jolie to trap Brad because James Haven is in love with him.

This same brother is the same person who writes lies to promote his skank sister. He continually writes for newspapers about Angelina HO-lie's endless beauty. ewwwww...

Ho-Lie is old, and still a bitch. manipulative user, adopted kids from china so she wont run out of fans. Her movies doesnt make money anymore.

Everytime I think about Angie and Brad, always with James Haven, bent on knees. First Angie on her knees, then Brad and at Brad's back is James Haven..


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+0 by Xenot T

Congratulations! You're the first person I've ever seen who realizes that Brad and Angie are BOTH bisexual! I know this guy who gets his hair cut by the same guy who cuts Brad's hair and he confirmed it. This friend of mine, out of disgust, said, "Why in the world would Brad Pitt want to be with a man-eater like Angelina Jolie?" The hairstylist said, "It's the perfect marriage. Angie continues to have a lesbian relationship with Jenny Shimizu while Brad has a taste for young restaurant waiters. Brad can't let anyone know he's coo-coo for cock or he'll lose most of his fan base, while men don't take issue with Angie engaging in a little girl-on-girl action now and again." It totally makes sense. And about Angie's brother, he's prettier than she is! LOL! She looks like an emaciated frog. She USED to be pretty back before her nose job and when she would eat. Now she looks like the bleached mummified remains of some ancient prostitute. Don't any men ever notice Charleze Theron for Christ's sake? She's gorgeous, six-feet tall, she shot her no-good-wife-beating father to death and saved her mother's life, and is 100% natural. I guess she's a threat because every cell in her body doesn't ooze out neediness. Theron is a REAL, strong, hot chick who is only a man-killer if they lay a hand on her mom. And she CAN act!

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