She is the most insecure

+7 by Luna

She is the most insecure person eva! Does she really think she is fooling anyone during interviews with her bull####? She is constantly acting and can't keep track of her own lies!! I almost feel sorry for her, almost!!

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+0 by Xenot T

That totally reminds me of the director of Truth or Dare, that Madonna movie. It was supposed to be a documentary about the true Madonna. The director became so disgusted with Madonna and grew to loathe her because he slowly discovered that there was no true Madonna. Madonna was always on. That's kind of the nature of Hollywood people. They can't make it as real human beings so they make a living pretending to be somebody else. That director was so angry with Madonna that in an interview he said people thought he was trying to be artistic by filming the movie in black and white, but he actually had to because Madonna's skin was so bad. LOL! He really hated her, I don't think he'll be calling Angelina Jolie any time soon. His head would probably explode. She is the QUEEN of phony. A lot of damaged people are. If you hate yourself, you won't reveal yourself.

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