Why PEOPLE hate Aquarians.

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Im an Aquarian. I will tell you why people hate us..

We are unpredictable. We may have an elaborate and passionate reason ...to (lets use a relationship for an example) to want to be with someone...then out of the blue...all of a sudden.. our hearts change course....just like that. No true explaination..other than we changed our minds.

We are manipulative. We are bestowed with the gift of gab...and since we are usually loved by many (before the hate sets in of course) ..we can get out of any situation. Yes...people may get stepped on ...(sometimes rightfully) ..but we are pretty open about that too.

We are talkative. We talk...talk.. talk.. talk talk...So someone in as hurry (lets say to run into a store to pick up an item...really fast) ..aren't you out of luck if your cashier is an Aquarian ...or someone in same aisle as you is an aquarian lol..

We are shady.. So lets look at my above explanation.....then turn that off....as if a light switch.. Someone knowing we are talkative reaches out in conversation...and we simply push them away.. and shut down.. into this antisocial thing... which leads me into the next thing...

We aren't interested in mingling with stupid. If you have nothing logical to bring to the table...
I (can't say all) will be so bothered by anything you'd have to say...which leads me to my next ....spill ..

People assume we think that we are smarter & better than them.. They are 95% correct....but we are mostly misunderstood in this area. I (personally do not point out stupid people) BUT if you tread into my territory ...THAT is NOT my fault. Which ......ties into another spill....

We rant & rave (very opinionated) ... Yes ...and I even drive myself crazy...because I get so annoyed with society ...I tend to get consumed...by my frustrations.. going on & on.. I honestly will tell myself to STFU .. again leads me into my next spill...

We aren't shy to pointing out our own faults (hence my posting) ..which is the meat of why we come across thinking we are better... Yes ...we are cool enough to recognize our own faults.. while pointing out someone else's...the difference between us & someone else...We are smart enough to know ours...someone else remains clueless about theirs..

Lastly...I will finish off with being quick witted.. and that confuses you.. then you've proven my point.

Thank you ... ;D hope this helps. Lol

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+0 by wetflower d

your honesty and openess is refreshing to me. to peak what goes on your mind. is rare and beautiful.

its safe to reveal yourself since, no way anyone can see what you look like.. aquarius your complex. thats awsome!
I am a Taurus female
maybe a little typical( maybe more lol..) art singing

Aquarius does not feel obligated or swayed to please others just to be liked. I can take from that tiny revealation and apply it if I want to.

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+0 by Kell Bell

Its funny because being a virgo we hate people who rant and rave about themselves we find it very rude and just nasty. We hate game players aka ppl who manipulate. The only thing I disagree with is where you say u are unpredictable you are highly predictable. 1). You think your shit don't stink
2). You are insensitive yet sensitive 3). when ppl SHOW you where u r wrong that is then when you manipulate. So someone who is this way its easy to predict what they are and always will be. An asshole. :D

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+0 by Kell Bell

And you admitting your flaws is just another undercover way to rant and rave about yourself. Someone who can admit their flaws and HUMBLE themselves can just end the paragraph with just that. Not indicate that this is just one more notch that makes you better than everyone else. Heres a clue get over yourself and stop being so pretentious.

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