Capital One Sucks!

+2 by Janell S

i get a card, activate it , have it 3 days and try to make a purchase online, that throws up the fraud alert but no body knows why, now they want me to send in all this info that i dont have time to go looking for, i say forget it and cancel the card. got a letter from them saying they want me back, i get a new card yester day. activate it 20 minutes ago, get gas with it, no problem, then go to mcdonalds for food and BAM fraud alert card denied, again no one knows why. super pissed off now, i cancelled that card too. fed up with them, Worst company ever, either you want my business or you don't!

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+1 by chad

same here!! they don't know why after sending in utility bills and ID. I called 5 times today and they reassured me it would work. I've wasted a half tank of gas going and trying to purchase what I am needing. This company is a JOKE!! They send 3 letters a week for a year and then when I need to get it.. I do and now it's like they don't want my business. Go to Chase... No Hassles, too bad you can't get Capital One for false advertisement. Don't go with Capital One if you need credit!! Trust us...

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