I am a former employee who can testify as to

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I am a former employee who can testify as to the validity of the anonymous current employee's realistic description of HR and pushing to keep accounts open when a customer clearly doesn't want it or open another product. It is referred to as retention. To not do so would result in a mark against you on a quality assurance inspection of that call.

I confess that the frustration of the place got the best of me resulting in my own termination of a call to a customer who was cussing at me...and rightfully so. His account had been placed on hold by fraud (referred to as the verification department). Just about anything can set up a fraud restriction on an account, thus referring to it as a "frozen" account....nothing can go out, sometimes they make it credit only...so u can still dump money in but can't get it back. Of course they don't tell you that they did it. I saw it EVERY DAY for the few months I worked there, and I can count on ONE HAND the number of times that the reason for the hold was actually justified.

I could go on and on....but take it from a FORMER employee....they are too big for their britches and have some incredibly backwards ways of going about things.

Hiow about marketing products for BRANCH banks in markets that don't have branches....calling it local dominance--and then trying to sell the customer a product that they could not service at a branch--even if they had one locally--because "direct banking" and "branch accounts" are separate......but by that time they have your money so they've already got what they want. Its bad.

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this just happened to me.

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Hi, I am a lawyer looking at a class action concerning balance transfers against Cap One. Would you be able to help me go over some statements? I confess, they are very hard for me to figure out.

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