this program is fake! i been in a court room

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this program is fake! i been in a court room plenty of times. 1. who fights in a court room and doesnt get arrested! 2. why is it always the same come that comes to arrest someone! 3. arent you supposed to get handcuffed if being arrested... 4. i saw an eppisode where they found a gun on someone in the courtroom. dont court houses got metal detectors when you walk in...5. where did she get her "security" blockbuster? and even if shes not a judge why does she bang that damn hammer like she is and if she is why doesnt she wear a robe like the rest. my family thinks its real but then again they never been to court.

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+4 by anonymouse

Yeah, I agree, Anna Maria Polo is a joke....

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+1 by Irela M

wow i didnt realise ur right

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+1 by theru

If you watch several of these type shows ( Caso Cerrado, Quien Tiene La Razon, Laura, etc...) you'll eventually see the same people in very different circumstances. Today, infact, there was a hugely obese guy who we saw a while back on Caso Cerrado who owned a restaurant and was being sued by his wife to let his girlfriend go. The girlfriend was acused of trying to kill him by feeding him these enormous burgers the size of a birthday cake. Well, today we saw that same fat man on Quien Tiene La Razon, but this time he was a male stripper and married to someone completely different. I've seend 3 or 4 of these dopplegangers who seem to be making the circuit on these shows. These shows are all fake crap just like the Jerry Springer balony.

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