CenturyLink Will Throttle You.

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Centurylink is one of the worst ISP's around it cost $85.00 for a 10mb/1mb connection and you might get that if your lucky enough to be close to the DSLAM hub and if you are lucky and get a connection capable of good speeds just wait until they throttle you. At the moment my connection is capable of 5-6mb download rates yet i'm being throttled down to 1.2 mb. on any number of speed test sites such as testmy.net or speedtest.com it will spike to 5-6 mb for a minute then completely die for 20 seconds then continue same goes for any download i try to do and don't get me started on trying to game on it your ping wont be good 75-150ms and worse yet it will be choppy. Centurytel used to be an ok ISP with solid download rates and uploads too but ever since they got merged sold whatever they have started to go down hill fast, throttling is the last straw for me.

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