because they took away all the odd solutions!

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because they took away all the odd solutions!

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They allow you to rent textbooks, which saves students TONS of money. You also get help with your homework by having access to all textbook solutions and getting answers from an expert. They have amazing customer service. Yes, it costs money. HELLO?!? They are offering a service! Education isn't free. People are always bitching about "Oh no, they took Cramster away ... blah blah blah ... boohoo ... you have to pay money ... blah blah blah education should be free ...". Wow people, quit whining. Its called a business, they have to make money. Remember not so long ago when people actually opened up a book and studied for tests? Now its like boo frickity whoo, I have to pay money for Chegg to do my homework for me. Seriously? They took odd solutions away? No, they did not. They simply require you to subscribe to access their service. Why does this not make sense to you people? Doesn't it make sense that you have to pay tuition to go to college? Yes, the teachers have to get paid. Doesn't it make sense that you have to pay for textbooks? Yes, the people who made the book have to get paid as well. Do you go to the gas station and expect to get a fill up free of charge? No, nothing worth anything in this life is ever free. Time to grow up people. Do you have to pay Chegg to access solved textbook solutions, and get answers from experts? Yes, those experts need to make money and so does Chegg. First life lesson for you college students. You don't live at home with mommy anymore, quit expecting handouts. Maybe if you spent a quarter of the time studying that you do sitting around complaining about Chegg/Cramster you would pass your exams.

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Go to check if they have your textbook. I am in discrete mathematics and they have all the solutions of the 3rd edition textbook I use. They may have yours and its free solutions. Also, a website like chegg should institute a system where they offer users x amount of free solutins (even or odd) per week. Have them reset after sunday so users cannot save em up. Getting rid of free odd solutions just makes people search for alternatives, like Slader, which costs them money anyways.

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1. colleges use to be free to attain higher education back in the 70s or 80s or sometime around then.
2. most of the complaining isn't about free education, it's about overpriced education to where people leave in debt that takes decades to overcome.
3. taking away the odd solutions will cost chegg more money than it will help them- websites like Slader offer many textbook solutions in depth like Chegg does......but for free
4. requiring you to subscribe with a debit/credit card to view the solutions is taking away the odd solutions.....before all you had to do was sign up for free and you got odds instantly. Now you don't even get that.
5. a lot of textbooks and teachers notes are laid out and explain the theorems, processes, and such in horrible manners. the problems in the book/notes in no way shape or form match the home work problems assigned.

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