Cogeco just sucks. Their customer service is

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Cogeco just sucks. Their customer service is completely stupid and untrained. They will never help you. I missed 3 days of work ($300) and they decided to give me a (0.50) credit. They called me on my phone to confirm my service appointment, but they were supposed to fix the phone they were calling me on. ASSHOLES! My on demand wasnt working, but they didnt care because its free??? No actually, I pay for TMN on demand stupid bitch!!!! I am actually polite on the phone. I threatened to just go to antenna with the new digital broadcast signal being so good in my area. The cogeco meatball tried convincing me that there is no such thing as broad cast televsion in canada. I guess he missed the 3 year media campaign explaining the switch. The asshole was quoting the CRTC website to me and still got it wrong. He even admitted to being a shaw not cogeco custom.

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