Denver Sucks

+9 by aj

I absolutely HATE Denver! What a shithole with the most arrogant step ford people imaginable! No personality, judgmental freakshow! Horrible weather, homely people and horrible dressers that all love it there . It is like a cult! Drink the freaking kool aid and be done with it already. Yuck - denver I mock you!

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+2 by Kathryn T

I too tried living in Denver. On the whole i found it to be extremely unwelcoming and not at all up to the hype. Most confounding where the subtle tendencies you describe - the lack of courtesy, the lack of neighborliness, the extreme and strangely vocal preference for Denver as being the ONLY place to live ANYWHERE. Every time - EVERY TIME - I flew out from DIA would be asked 'where are you headed' from a 'native' and when I responded Miami or Madrid or London or Chicago the response was ALWAYS something akin to 'eeeew - why would you go there? it is so humid' or some-such. Really? From your barren brown scrub-swept wind-blown rocks you ask such a question? Sure the Rocky Mountains are impressive in their way but their are so many beautiful places on this earth, how could you really think that this is the absolute best, particularly with it's extreme weather, lack of cultural diversity and that stupid lean-tan esthetic?? Really?

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+1 by aj

Am so glad I am out of that place. I will never go back! I will not even go through the airport. It is terrible!

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