Avoid 3Web/Distributel Like Cancer

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This is the most horrendous service since Bell and Rogers. Credits are never applied to monthly bill which you never see a statement of. You pay full amount of monthly charges will online account says totally different amount with credits applied.

Cut outgoing call ability while pricing in dispute on long weekend with no one available to contact.

Inferior service with dropped calls and fluxing internet speeds.

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Hello to everyone. I am a former Distributel employee that was employed at their Technical Support Department in Ottawa and I was been terminated on Feb 14, 2013. I was let go because I have been sick on Feb 11 just 3 weeks before my probation period end. I had to go home and I told the call centre manager that I needed to go home and needed to rest. I sincerely think that I was terminated for the right reasons (unreliability, job performance AS PER the call centre manager Michal Sirek) but have been terminated for a WRONG moral reason. For the 2 months and 2 weeks I was employed by Distributel, I did listen to a LOT of unhappy customers (complains) that said to me that they were overcharged on their credit cards for no apparent reasons. A lot of customers are/were unhappy with the Ottawa Customer Service Department. A lot of complaints are also related to the "speed" on which some of the agents are responding to the customers and also showing a lack of empathy towards customer issues. Employees in the Customer Service Department are overworked, and almost treated like slaves ( I did listen to conversations in the lunch room and to being observant too). They (Distributel) demand a lot from their employees and give nothing to them. They are so cheap in the way when they had their their 25 year anniversary in January 2013 that they did not invite their new employees to the party saying that you needed to pass probation first. As for myself, I was promised a $1,000 hiring bonus should I pass the probation period but just 2 days after I started working there, "they" asked us (3 of our training techs) to "change" our contract terms. Also, they were supposed to pay for our break times and they also changed that in their new so called "contract". One customer also told me that Distributel is the prostitute of Bell Canada and Rogers Communications. Their building at 177 Nepean Street in Ottawa is ill designed, smells bad and is inadequely fit for fire evacuation (this is a personal opinion and comes from working for about 45 years in the work market-observation etc). They don't even have a fire drrill procedure and NONE for threating a bomb threat. When I mentioned those things to them, I felt that I was coming from another planet. I strongly suggest to use either Bell DSL Internt for people's internet and to ignore the FALSE cheap company rate that eventually will not pay off.

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