They charge $1.25 per ticket "convenience fee" but

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They charge $1.25 per ticket "convenience fee" but when you show up at the theater and the kiosk does not recognize your credit card (the one used to make the reservation) you have to stand in line anyway. The theater employees claim "it happens a lot". When you wait for 15 minutes trying to reach Fandango by phone for a "convenience refund" they claim it is the theater's fault since they own the kiosk. But who collected he fee? Not the theater! Lesson to all who read this. Get to the theater a little earlier to get your tickets, spend some time at stores nearby, maybe get a bite to eat and tell your friends how much Fandango sucks. Maybe word of mouth negative publicity will force them to revisit their customer service policies.

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Worst customer service!!! They charged me 4x for one order. Now they dont answer the phone. On hold over 30 minutes now. How convenient for them. I am losing money trying to get my refund from them. These idiots should all be fired!!!

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So true! The same thing happened to my wife and I last year!

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