Goodwill is not a non-profit organization. The

+1 by Timothy H

Goodwill is not a non-profit organization. The money they make creates jobs, so they say. The truth is the money does NOT stay in the community, does NOT benefit any charity, homeless shelter, etc, but in fact pays salaries of $800,000+ to some of it's executives for which it has been brought in front of review committees for. Goodwill stores will not discount merchandise that is given to them and the ones in Indiana are asking full retail price for used merchandise. PLEASE, do NOT donate to Goodwill. The DAV, Salvation Army and other TRUE charity stores could use the donations instead!

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+0 by Dallas G

I see where you get the misguided feeling that Goodwill is not a non-for-profit company. The truth is that they are registered as a non-for profit. Just because some of the salaries my seem incredible, factor this: the president of the American Red Cross makes more than the president of the United States and the company earns most of its income from the donated blood that it sells. I am sure that you would still agree that that company is still a not-for-profit. A not-for-profit can technically pay any salary they choose to any employee and does not need a majority of its earning to go to special causes. Pay attention to the real laws of a not-for-profit before claiming one is not one. I also have seen that the Goodwill does give an acceptable amount of its earnings to the causes it claims to support.

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