kpop destorying my relationship...

+16 by mad p

my boyfriend is into the stupid "kpop style" and he says he loves me but why does he continue to compare me to kpop girls? i had no problem with kpop before but now, im SO irritated with slutty whores and their horrible music and my boyfriend thinks kpop is like the best shit in the world. >_> now he wants this new "korean hair style" it looks so weird. why cant it just be short and clean?... but nooo..he wants to look like those kpop boy band ppl. kpop artists are fake, no where good as jpop and jrock.

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+5 by Mekasan

Those K-pop Bitches are Platics! Fake faces no real beauty. Almost every star had work done on their fugly ass faces.

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+4 by reasons c

I lost my grirlfriend for kpop reasons.
She was all the day at the pc watching their videos and looking their photos. I had to check her twitter account to notice she really loved to dream with them, and she prefered them to me.
I felt betrayed....

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+8 by Mekasan

I'm sorry to hear that. K-pop boy bands look gay. Sorry she will never marry them or be able to date that. K-pop is fake faces. I like J-pop their fans are more mature and don't act crazy. K-pop fans act crazy studpid. K-pop fans always bash American music and J-pop.

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+2 by Trolley S

@reasons c, i'm sorry for your loss, i lost a girl i was chasing after because of k-pop too. She rejected me because she's 'loyal' to them and shit but don't worry man, you'll find a better girl one day, one who deserves you

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