Minecraft is boring! All you

-36 by David S

Minecraft is boring! All you do is build things. I played the game for a while, and I just felt bored out of my mind. It's like a bad version of the sims, let me also add that even when the difficulty is low it's still hard. Even the nights are short, if anything this game was build for gamer fantards. ( you know the "hardcore gamers"). I am going to delete this game and go back to just being an Otaku and reading (manga) . Besides, Rpgs are better then this shit.

( also reading and watching tv *anime* )

Fuck minecraft, it's just another shovelware game made for gamefags. Can't any of you realize that Japan is the leader?

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-1 by sonic q

Be happy MC isn't ROBLOX.

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+2 by User-108n8i

Fuck of your not a otaku your a just a trollish weeaboo

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+0 by Isaac N

have you tried peaceful?

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-3 by Max A

umm minecraft is an game where you have to think what you do next...

not your best part if i see your commend

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+0 by Sacha

Play ninja gaiden, then you'll see that minecraft is easy compared to it.

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-1 by AntiMChrist

Damnit man! I just wanted to compare it with The Sims!

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-2 by 5t3in3r5 S

Hmmmmm... You think that the Japanese are the leaders? Well for one they will probably nuke the whole world in a couple of years and your argument is invalid about RPGs are better because now since of 1.0.0 Minecraft is pretty much a sandbox RPG!

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+0 by MuscleMan1234

if you find it boring then install some mods!

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