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No, they most assuredly do not. Rock, that is. You can't even handle Three Dog Night. The Tabernacle Choir is boring. The Osmonds are not rock, but crap. Name one decent band that has come out of Utah. Can't? No wonder. Mormons are the opposite of rock. They are muzak. Muzak is either boring, annoying, mildly insane, or totally ignorable. See? You do not rock You will never rock. Good-bye. PS. I recommend anything by the Beatles or the Stones. They rock. Mormons do not rock. They don't let you. So there.

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-1 by Andrew

Ummmm I can name a few that came from Utah or are Mormon. The used started in Utah. They also had a few members of the band that were Mormon until they started doing drugs. Also, imagine dragons who are, as of now, well known across the country. Also the lead singer to the killers is Mormon. That's just 3. You may want to check google....

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You may want to check google. A can easily name a few. The used, imagine dragons and the lead singer for the killers is Mormon. The used started here and a few members of the band were Mormon until the got addicted to drugs. And imagine dragons are Mormon and are doing quite well. As goes for the lead singer for the killers. So ya, we do rock. :)

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