Newsvine Sucks!!!

+8 by Rosie R

If you give an opinion or belief that is contrary to theirs they will suspend or ban you. :(

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+2 by newsvinesucks a

news vine is ran by fags now. no longer U.S. viable news source. It has become prejiduced.

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+3 by newsvineAreFags H

Your right. Have you noticed how almost all of msn pages, each day now, have a mention of gay this getting married or gay that? Do they really believe they can change the opinion of the ENTIRE world by simply not printing the truth? That gays are helping drag this country under the bug infested sex lives of gays? Which is part of the whole picture why the u.s. will no longer be ahead of the rest of the world. Gays are way to busy worried about getting off to worry about things that matter. Nothing natural about gays. They only get gets when they pay for them from some type of NATURAL union. Homophobe is a GOOD word. Try and hide it newsvine, but the rest of the world bans or kills gays.

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+2 by aleonLore

Newsvine blocked my account for giving a different opinions then theirs MSNBC / NEWSVINE THE COMMUNIST COMMUNITY NEWS Place sucks shit. They blocked my account not for profanity or anything legitimate but because i am a dissonant to their communist minded rule. Fags cant stand the truth so i am out posting all over the web this week how NEWSVINE AND MSNBC WILL FUCK YOU IF YOU DISAGREE. pardon the profanity but these pieces of shit suck.

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