Salesforce SUCKs!

+3 by Artmansd

I don't have enough time to tell to you, the list is long. It is easily one most un-intuitive CRMS or programs for the matter I have ever used. The people that created it obviously had no experience at using CRMs or the would have eliminated a lot of STUPID additional steps we have need to do to perform what should be done in software. EXAMPLE: Changing the address on the main account does not update the adresses for the contacts within that account. Why not an autosave feature for emails, I lost so many emails because there is no way to stop, change screens and continue with the same email. Others I have spoken to say they, like me, need two screens to function smoothly.
I used ACT and Goldmine for over 15 years and thought I was updating technologies, WRONG!

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+0 by Ray S

Are you using the email client in to send out emails? It might be better to use the Outlook plugin (if you use Outlook) so that you do not lose any emails while navigating screens.

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