Only 26% hate Southwest?! I don't believe it.

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They are the worst airline, hands down. They treat their customers like cattle and their employees are so full of themselves that they will bump anyone off any flight for any reason that suits them. (They are SO powerful... ooh, are we all impressed with their power?)

Even their TV show clearly demonstrates how Southwest employees take great delight in abusing their customers, refusing to accommodate customers who misconnect due to a prior SWA delay, and bumping passengers off flights for no reason (like perhaps showing that you are upset about a delay). I am amazed that they would treat people so badly when the cameras are rolling! Can you just imagine how much worse it is when they aren't being filmed?

I had to do some work for SWA in the early 2000s and they "comped" me flights all over the country to their maintenance facilities. After the first 2 flights, I told my boss I would quit rather than get on another Southwest aircraft. (He agreed to book my travel on another airline--which SWA had to pay for. They didn't like it, but even the airline's management knows how bad they suck--so they understood my position. And they paid.)

I haven't flown SWA in more than ten years and I am just DREADING a flight I will have to take with them next week. Their employees are so full of their own "authority" over passengers that I feel as though I will be facing dozens of "Soup Nazis" (referring to the character on Seinfeld). Because of course, no one should DARE complain to anyone at SWA if their flight is delayed, if they misconnect, if they lose your luggage, or whatever else abuse they subject you to. Because then it will be "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" and they won't take you on your flight and they won't refund your money either. On SWA, you are always SOL.

No--I don't believe for a minute that only 26% of people hate Southwest. Most people just won't fly them and don't care how bad they suck, so they don't take these polls. That's where I was, very happily, just a week ago. But now.... now, I am heading straight into Southwest's living Hell. Wish me luck; I probably won't be able to keep my mouth shut when I see them abusing other customers--and chances are very good, that I will also be abused as a result of standing up for what I believe in (which is treating people with respect and decency, particularly when they are a paying customer!) You guys may be reading about my "incident" with SWA in the newspaper next week... because yes, I am sincerely afraid that there will be one. I fly almost every week and I simply will not tolerate over-the-top BS from the worst airline in the world.

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Wow, sounds like u are one angry, bitter man. Looking for something to complain about sounds like a great way to go through life. I have an idea, don't fly them!

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Somebody responded to this really old forgotten post where I was absolutely dreading an upcoming flight on SWA--having not flown them for more than a decade (and sharing my horrible experience with the airline so many years ago).

I really should have updated my post with my latest experience sooner--because SWA has completely changed in 10 years. Gone are the plastic seating paddles that were doled out on a first-at-the-gate-first-seat basis and the misery involved with that process. You can book online and pay extra for a decent seat. You can pay extra to board early. And wherever you fall in the boarding process, they have a series of signs to direct you where to stand in line. It is still not very pleasant and takes some getting used to, but it is a huge improvement from the hellish experience of flying SWA in years past!

I'm not sure if it is still the case (I no longer "hate" SWA but don't love them either, so haven't flown them since early 2012) but they were not charging baggage fees either at that time. Which means that everyone doesn't bring their large carry-ons aboard. Which means smoother boarding and less stress for everyone, especially the flight attendants. That is kind of a big deal, because pissed-off flight attendants ruin everyone's trip.

Still, for someone who flies all the time, and as much as I despise them--the large traditional carriers with their frequent flier programs are the best hope of surviving life on the road. I couldn't do SWA every week, but several times a year wouldn't be that bad.

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