A-list doesn't mean better treatment

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Well Southwest Airlines blows just as bad as all other airlines. I show up to the Dallas airport in just enough time to catch a flight that leaves 1 hour earlier than my scheduled flight. I ask to change my ticket for an empty seat on the earlier flight and they said I would have to pay extra because I have a discounted fare ticket. I stated "You would let seats go unused on this flight and make me wait an hour unless I pay for a full fare ticket?". The guy (Roger) said "yes, it doesn't matter how many seats are empty only that you have a discounted fare ticket". He gets a manager and the manager (Paul Revier) backed him up. I have flown 36 flights with these jackasses this year and they want to make me wait an hour?... I know just how to spend it. Anyone know Gay Kelly's (SWA CEO) email address?

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