Swagbucks accuses to many people of being a cheat.

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Swagbucks accuses to many people of being a cheat. I'm not one of them yet. I do swagbucks for the challenge of it and have got to know the people on the wall over time. I know they have accused some innocent people of this. I get cheated on swagbucks everyday by not getting SB's I am supposed to. A bunch of kids run swagbucks and they think everyone is tech savvy which most people are not. They deactivate accounts everyday saying people are cheating by using bots and refreshers. They steel these peoples hard earned swagbucks when they close these accounts. They have problems with their systems they have put in place to catch cheaters. This is my observation over past year. Also they pull little tricks daily to slow down your earnings. Some days they let you do good. I get a kick out of trying to figure out how to get points when they do this. They control what you will earn and if the video's you play don't work right they say to clear cashe, switch broswers, clear history. They blame it on you. I have internet explorer, firefox and chrome broswers and clear history often and switch broswers. I have went through the learning process by updating flash etc:. They always blame it on your computer or something else. I have done and tried it all before seeing the way things operate. I do well after learning the tricks but no one is safe from being deactivated from my longtime observations. I feel they deactivate a lot of kids because they serve no benefit to most of their advertisements and cannnot afford to buy things and are doing it for the giftcards or whatever. Lately they have deactivated accounts by accusing some of doing things that are down right funny. Things that would not make sense for a person to do., would serve no purpose. My hate of swagbuckjs is falsely accusing someone of cheating with no proof and giving answers that make no sense.

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