It's full of arrogant and ignorant morons who

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It's full of arrogant and ignorant morons who think they are better then everyone else because they live in the biggest state in the USA. Bigger is not always better! It's hot flat and unimpressive.

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Sorry,second largest state.

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When did you visit last? Keep in mind that a huge percentage of the population has moved there because they find it preferable to their previous state of residence (most frequently, California or Michigan). It's not unusual for people to feel smug after making a smart decision.

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If you find Texas unimpressive. You are either blind or have never been here. We have nice friendly people in this state. I know several people that have moved here from up north to the country. At first they are grumpy and at odds with everyone. A few months later they are nice polite people enjoying the country life. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the view. You should come on down and try it some time.

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