The posts about fake messages are true. I've had

+2 by Tony C

The posts about fake messages are true. I've had this issue. Zoosk is a very elaborate scam and MUST be reported, sued, spammed to no end, whatever we have to do to take this fake off the web. The wasted time I've spent here could've been spent on or something more worthwhile. Just google free dating sites and choose carefully, this one's been caught red-handed, people. Thanks to Tammy K and Udhay G for their posts, I almost subscribed until I read your posts.

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+2 by Mike

Zoosk is a total rip off.Paying your subscription fee is not enough for the greedy capitalists they expect you to purchase virtual money to send pixel presents,pay to find out if your message was received?I thought that hitting the send button would guaranty that but OH NO!.Are the people listed on their website real people or just robots? I have wasted my hard earned cash and would if I knew how sue them for wrongly advertising what they say they do when they don't.Yet another attempt by AMERICANS who want to dominate the World.For those of you who live in the UK lets stick together and create our own website.And I wish America would use their own language instead of changing ours which has been in existence for hundreds of years.

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+2 by Paul R

Zoosk is fake. 6 months ago, I logged on, and searched. Over 3 days, I received numerous messages, always from attractive women who ironically fit what I was searching for. Then, no messages for months. This week, I log on to remove my profile, and instead, I searched. Guess what, over the past 3 days, Ive received 4 messages, and cant respond unless I pay. What else, 2 of the women were exactly the same. Neither ever wrote back last time, nor did either ever try to contact me, until now. Zoosk is totally a scam. Ill bet they hire women to have profiles, and they get a cut for each guys that pays to enroll to check the message. Stick with OKcupid and POF (plenty of fish).

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+1 by Mike

Hi Paul R,I did manage to get my money back from Zoosk after threatening legal proceedings which did surprise me.I have given up on the online dating thing after signing up to Smooch,I was swamped by email after email from Russian ladies,well when I say ladies they were more than likely men trying to hack your pc for bank info.I wish you luck Paul,I did try POF but to be honest I had had enough by then. Mick

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+1 by Rick G

man i totally agree!!! i have sent my msgs to 800 people and guess what only two of them were real
that too a fat old lady and one real women.... i have spent weeks and wasted my whole time...i regret i will never go to zoosk again...i have received all automated messages! that really sucks!!!!!!

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+2 by Esek A

i sent loads of 'flirts' and recieved quite a few messages which look the same. blatently fake. fuck you zoosk

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+1 by TerryB

Yes ZOOSK is a complete SCAM! and there are many other so-called Dating Sites which are scams as well!
I know a lot about these sites, and Russian and West African Scammers in general. I have been scammed in 2009 out of a helluva lot of cash by a very professional scammer in Africa, via Skype, also had a lot of e-mail exchang with Russian Girls (Guys, of course).....I have a website dedicated to helping people and informing them about all these scams and scammers... ....lots of links on my small site leading to bigger sites with more information.....CandyTwist is also a very big scam....girls contacted me, but I could not see the content of their messages until I signed up and paid....but then when I tried to reply to those girls, they did not seem to exist any longer....I did have a few people contact me, but all of them from ALASKA....

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+2 by Paul A

oh this site is a total scam! the only attractive people are fakes and they send you messages but never write back. One person claimed to be real and sent me messages outside of the system that got really wierd and scary! I am going to file a class action law suit!

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+0 by Tanya

I would like to join. I don't even know how I got on Zoosk, but I think by getting invites or clicking a bad link on FB. Worse, a real friend saw me, and viewed me, and then ... get this ... he got a real reply from me, but I never typed one out nor sent the message. This is predatory and impersonating. How can I join any class action suit?

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