Some complain of it having a high price but a

-3 by Ryan L

Some complain of it having a high price but a price that's 30% higher , but for a product that is 300% higher quality is a bargain in my opinion.

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Except top of the line PC's are faster, and more importantly, better. You can get MUCH better software on PC's than on Macs.

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+1 by EaqIe

30%? dude its 2-3 times higher price then normal stuff, and it sucks even more then normal stuff because there is no open source. its like having a car that you cant ride yourself but someone else does it

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+0 by Patricia Denise I

It has a high price because the quality is so good and it's very fast

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O_o quality good? are you kidding? you drop it one time and you have to trown it a away, even if you sit on it it will break.... you know whats good quality? a nokia (lumia)... but apple is one of the worst companys if we talk about quality... and normal stuff is around the same speed then those apple trash. try another mobile before you start defending apple, like a samsung galaxy s3 or nokia lumia. and about macs and stuff, they are as limited as a phone is... its not a computer anymore. more like a tablet with keyboard. and something with around the same hardware or better is cheaper and as fast as the apple thingy, or faster. so i dont see a reason for those prices. stop buying it. or stop commenting here. thanks

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