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    The Huffington Post is an American news website and aggregated blog founded by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti, featuring various news sources and columnists.



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  • StephanieMarcus : News Editor, Trends @HuffingtonPost
  • johnflurry : Director of Communications @SomaGames & @TheCodeMonkeys. @HuffingtonPost blogger. What I write here are my own thoughts. Need an app for that? I can help.
  • ybeitollahi : Social Media & Public Relations Advisor, Ghostwriter, @HuffingtonPost Contributor, Co-Creator #TwitterPowerhouses Series, Activist
  • huffingtonpost : The Internet Newspaper - Curated by @lauralizhibbard, @beccabigwords, @kerstinshamberg, @deanpraetorius
  • krislopresto : When I'm not sitting at my desk I'm training for a marathon, traveling or cooking. I also write for HuffPo
  • BigLittleWolf : Writer, parent, marketer; j'écris, donc je suis.
  • artipatel : associate editor lifestyle @huffpostcaliv and I make lists for @StyleListCanada I support the 5 T's: trends, things, trees, Thai(food) and Toronto
  • billscher :
  • TravelingAnna : In love with the world. Community manager, journalist, troublemaker. Ex- HuffPost, Aol. Obsessed with bulldogs, Mets, sandwiches.
  • urlesque : Exposing bits of the web ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Our new home:
  • Peter_R_Casey : Grower and nurturer of online basketball communities. Wordslinger. Storyteller.
  • ckanal : @HuffingtonPost senior editor. Soon @BuffaloSabres social media. Passionate about tech, social media, hockey, genealogy. Part Canadian. Born/raised in Buffalo.
  • kylewestaway : Social entrepreneur @biographe | Attorney @westawaylaw | Lecturer @harvard_law | Writer @wsj @harvardbiz @good @socentlaw. Seeking the renewal of all things.
  • BrettGreene : Connector» @FreshConsulting IT Staffing / Dir, Biz Dev/ Digital Mktg» @STMeetup & @HouseOfGenius #Seattle Co-Organizer» @Founding Mentor» @HuffingtonPost Writer
  • sairy : Innovator, entrepreneur, writer, advisor: technology, media, culture, politics, government, security. Blogs: @SFGate, @HuffingtonPost. Articles: @SarahGranger.
  • BarbaraFicarra : Journalist, Founder, Writer Huffingtonpost, Speaker, Media Broadcaster, Consultant, Registered Nurse, Health Educator, Pt Empowerment, HCSM, and…
  • joahs : Co-Founder & Ex Prod @StyleXAustin / Dir of Op & Strat Init @Bazaarvoice / Chief Ninja @SneakAttackATX / Author, Real Role Models / StyleBlogger @HuffingtonPost
  • michellelamar : Marketing Manager for @sprintm2m. Writer @huffingtonpost. Mother. Geek. Over share on my blog, Opinions are mine and mine alone!
  • adjoro : @huffingtonpost standards editor & golden rule enforcer. news junkie. ice cream addict. traveler. sports nut. runner. flip flop wearer. chronically amused.
  • HuffPostGreen : Latest environment & energy news, green-IY projects, animal stories & more (Contact: