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    Scott Cooke "Scotty" McCreery is an American country singer from Garner, North Carolina, who won the tenth season of American Idol on May 25, 2011.

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    Scotty McCreery (born October 9, 1993) is an American singer from Garner, North Carolina. McCreery is currently a Top 8 finalist on the tenth season

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    Scotty McCreery is one of the contestants on Season 10 of American Idol.


  • spixie13 : I love the WWE and Scotty McCreery!! I love american idol!!! And recently a new Directioner !!
  • shaeshae321 : I'm Shae. I Love @Phillips to death. Met him 11-30-12. He's perfect. #SinceDayOne& I love Scotty McCreery.He's flawless & I'm living the country life.
  • RandomGirl_o1 : my names stacy... i love svu and american idol… iLOVE scotty McCreery…bext idol s2…idols would ve mariska and demi… e/o
  • Bppg_4ever016 : I 3 Jennette McCurdy and Scotty McCreery @McCurdyMcCreery / @McCreeryMuch is my best friend for life 3
  • jasonmccannluvr : i support Scotty McCreery all the way! i fell in love with him at his audition and i love him even more now♥ ILOVEYOUSCOTTY!! :))) (i love his accent) :DD
  • Kirky44 : Lovin Scotty McCreery!! He's the next American Idol!!!!!!!!! Hopefully i get tickets to see the top 11!!!
  • savannarozier : Mentally married to scotty McCreery.
  • ElmoMae : 15 years young. #dancer #FHS danze company. #sophomore. wonderful boyfriend(: follow for more (:
  • iAdoreeBieberr : -Brittany♥; -14♥; -Barrel Racer♥; -Scotty McCreery Girl♥; -100% Belieber Forever♥; -NeverSayNever♥;
  • LoveMeBieber22 : Hey everyone this account stands for @AustinMahone and @AlexConstancio7 watch there video CoolMorning
  • Scott_McCreery : My name is Scott McCreery I always have wanted to be a country singer. I hope American Idol is my big break. You can send fan mail to
  • ScottSupporters : Bringing you the latest news and updates on American Idol 10 contestant, Scott (Scotty) McCreery!
  • 648bieberlover : I LOOVVVEEEE @greysonchance!!! he is my LIFE xx Truth be Told prt 1!!
  • WeLoveScotty : If you couldn't have guessed, I have a thing for Scotty McCreery ;) ••• mccreerian since milwaukee •••
  • weloveMcCreery : Probably one of Scotty McCreery's biggest fans! He is amazing! i support him 100%! vote for him on idol every wednesday!!
  • SMcCreeryArmy : My name is Audrey and this is the first Army sight for Scotty McCreery. He's on American Idol this year, he's amazing so you should definitely vote for him :)
  • ScottyMcFansite : Fansite for Scotty McCreery, FansofScotty.Com
  • McCreeryForceMA : Scotty McCreery. that explains it all. i love him and will always support him, no matter what. love you Scotty! :)
  • lizzlimepie : im a dancer and younower. kik: lizzlimepie instagram:lizzlimepie