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  1. Ktm

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    KTM Sportmotorcycle AG is an Austrian motorcycle, bicycle and moped manufacturer.



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  4. Moped

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    Mopeds are a type of low-powered motorcycle designed to provide economical and relatively safe transport with minimal licensing requirements.



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  • DVALan : Online marketing professional with a focus on ecommerce and fashion. Founder Skinny Bitch Apparel and rides in an all girl moped crew The Gaskettes.
  • Bauzen : Wu-Tang Aficionado, Taco Conquistador, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Muay Thai Fighter, Photographer/Writer for, & Life-long New Yorker.
  • DoubleAey : LA Web Designer, Videographer, Photographer. Also mopeds, fixies, 2 wheels and 2 strokes. what more could you ask for?!
  • lizsassymolassy : Running. Crossfit. Awesome.
  • mclaughlinlives : Knitting, Mopeds, Photography
  • Billiezilla : Monkey = funny
  • milkandtang : somewhat obsessed with: compact cars, cats, mopeds, cubes. can be sold with clever packaging. makes consistently awkward life decisions.
  • 617in212 : Music, mopeds...etc.
  • mikejadams : Dad, husband, builder of things, ex pro moped racer that enjoys driving my Toyota truck in the dirt.
  • magnus420 : Droid X, OnA, Mopeds, Old Motorcycles, EL OH EL @Tards. YUP
  • jhodsdon : Co-Founded Milk and engineered for Digg in the past. Driving from SF to NYC. Ducatis and Tecates.
  • codywellons : Freelance designer/photographer and co-owner S3 Magazine. Fan of biscuits, mopeds, wolves, bikes, drift racing, and the Atlanta Braves.
  • seelowitz : I love #GrandRapids, kitties, bicycles, burritos, mopeds and being involved in local events. Web Producer for @FOX17. Tweets are my own.
  • BeckyCantSing : BECKIIEE! -Barton Peveril! -5ft 2 ima shrimp(: ☆Spider Bites☆ ♥ Flesh Tunnels ♥ -Innocent at heart(: -Moped! -Friends!(: -Music ♪
  • BRDftw : this will contain tweets pertaining mainly to music, coffee, mopeds, running and general absurdity
  • mnkyhead : Developer, gamer, lego collector, moped rider, ok I'm a geek.
  • soleaddicted269 : Everybody envies any life but their own nobody thinks to stop moping and spend some time alone.
  • JimKnopf13 : onlinemarketing, affiliate marketing, RC Flieger, Moped fahren und vieles mehr
  • tegantits : A lesbian who enjoys the finer things in life... like pussy... cats, weed, mopeds, video games and whiskey.
  • sillylittlelady : Knitwear Designer. Tech Editor. Woman. Animal Lover. Sister. Daughter. Auntie. Vegetarian. Lover. Fighter. Moped Captain. Runner. Not necessarily in that order.