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    Spring Rolls

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  2. Springrolls

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    Spring rolls are an appetizer, eaten either fresh or fried depending on the country of origin.



  • chelseaapriestt : i supports gays, i love jesus christ. and springrolls.
  • TEAM_LOUIS : 1/5. music is my escape from all the bullshit in life;i fangirl a little too much over 5 idiots; 16/3/13 was life #tmhtour
  • HieiLawli13 : I'm a kandi kid, otaku, black, Puerto Rican, loving, caring, sweetheart SpringRoll who loves to make kandi for people and write poetry/rap.
  • 1D_For_Life : me and @zaynmalik play this game where i pretend to be a crazed fan and he pretends he doesnt know i excist but its ok, were married.
  • AUSOneDirection : I can't ever be brave cause you make my heart race..
  • SpringrollB : A blog and online shop run by full-time city moms in Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Canada.
  • JASONNDU : whatever tickles your springroll ;)
  • DevonisKing : Find me chillen.
  • JAKENGUYEN1 : danceing is a passion. i love quest crew. youtube addict and lastly i like springrolls! :D what else? follow meee. lame i know