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  • JLBraaten : Sr. Online Marketer @ Rasmussen College from St. Paul, MN. Interested in SEO/CRO, Web Analytics, Content Strategy and Squarespace. MIMA & MnSearch board member.
  • squaregirl : Senior Product Designer at Squarespace. I love jukeboxes, curly braces, handclaps, comically false eyelashes, vespas, somersaults, and zombie movies.
  • evanchooly : Sr. Software Engineer at, NYer, programming/football enthusiast with ramblings ranging from computers to politics to whatever
  • tyler_thompson : Creator.
  • elanaroth : Sometime literary agent, semi-professional Jew, bourbon lover, heretic.
  • iamatyler : photographer. check out my blog. i mean, if you feel like it. no pressure. you are your own person.
  • shimandsons : Sally J Shim is a designer and lifestyle blogger.
  • FriedaBabbley : Owner Eye On Life Magazine, powered by Squarespace, joined by the best writers on the web. Lifestyle, arts and culture, literature.
  • jamiebrittain : Designer, developer and webmaster.
  • jasonbarone : Lead project manager & founder at, frustration-free @Squarespace websites w/ integrated web applications.
  • bathrobewarrior : Freelance Web Developer, I mainly develop for Squarespace sites, but not everything.
  • phinguyen :
  • JonnyRowntree : Online Marketing @shoutdigital. Digital Director @magnateuk. Columnist for @bitquill. Usually found on a train or typing in serif.
  • mingebretsen : Eventyrlysten fotograf og seiler fra Kristiansand. Skal seile rundt jorden, Antarktis, Stillehavet, Grønnaland mm. 2010-2014 -
  • TrashPixels : Art Director @20thstmedia, UI/UX Designer, Retoucher, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Surfer, iPhone gamer, Apple fan, Squarespacer, Coffee drinker
  • JoeDorward : Writer with a professional interest in technology and an unprofessional interest in the place names, history, and geography of the upland of Mar
  • phi303 :
  • jessehertzberg : When in doubt add bacon and butter.
  • circa79design : Circa79 Design is a Chesapeake, Virginia based web design company. We rock Squarespace and Big Cartel sites for our clients. Get in touch, we're the best-est.
  • shondempsey : graphic designer, gadget geek, Squarespace guru, Mactard. I work for Squarespace, but my tweets are my own.